Bookshelves around the World

Happy World Book Day, bookish Fellows!


And welcome to part one of „Bookshelves around the world“!
We will take a look in the heart of every bookworm´s home: their bookshelf.
So, lean back, take a sip of tea and enjoy the first eight Bookshelves from America, Canada, Germany, the Philppines, Spain and England. And this is just the beginning of our journey through the bookshelves of this world!

This project is not about finding the perfect, most cleaned up, „instagramish“ bookshelf. It´s a all about the breathtaking beauty in the one thing we all love and thats united us across borders: books.

If you want to join the Bookshelves around the world family and show your shelf to the world, send a Mail (use the subject „Bookshelves arond the World“) with some photos, your name and country + city and a few sentences about you and your bookshelf at:


Jills Shelf

Our journey starts in the United States of America. In Youngston, Ohio to be exact. This beautiful rainbowish Bookshelf belongs to Jill. Jill loves books and taking pictures of them. You can visit her blog BOOKNERDREADS and her amazing instagramaccount @booknerd_reads and enjoy all her beautiful pics.


Same continent, diffrent Country: this HUGE Collection of books belongs to my sister by Name: Bianca. She lives in Toronto, Canada. Have you seen this cute pink owl? It Looks like it´s protecting the shelf. Bianca loves to read and (obviously) to collect books and she have an YouTube-Channel (called MissAnthropic), where you can find bookish stuff, but also music and vlogs.


We leave northern America to visit Münden/ Örze in Germany. This is Julias Bookshelf – and it stands on a balcony! To be honest: I´m a little bit jealous of the great view Julias books surely have.


Our first male book-collector is Dymar and he lives in Batangas City, Philippines. I can see a lot of YA-books, that I have loved to read. And some I want to read soon, as well. If you want to check out Dymars Bookshelf in greater Detail check out his blog: Dymar´s Corner and for his grate bookstagram shots check out @dymarthereader

miss cosyreads insta

Praise the Bookgods! Mia, aka The Cosy Reader, is the proud owner of this gorgeous rainbow Bookshelf. Mia is from Nottingham, England and she is a bookblogger (visit The cosy reader) and a she have a wonderful Bookstagram. Check out @cosyreads.

7.mia, almunecar,spain

This pretty shelf belongs to another Mia – but she is from Almunecar in Spain. I´m just in love with this Bookshelf full of stories with lovers, enemies and adventures! And you know what? I can spot some of my most favorite books!
What about you? Is there a book you have read, too?


Well, this is it so far. BUT I promise: There will be far more bookshelves from different country and continents. Which bookshelf is your personal favorite? For me it´s impossible to chose, but I love Julias shelf (I can see my beloved „Mirrorworld“-Series by Cornelia Funke in her Bookshelf <3) and Dymars „best of YA-Books“ – bookshelf and Mias Rainbowshelf! And Biancas huge libery-like bookshelf. And I wish I could rummage in Jills shelf for one day … or a week. xD

Can you find your favorite book or at least one you enjoied reading in one of these shelves?

May the bookgods be always in our favor,


Disclaimber: A big – enourmously – thanks to all of the lovly bookpeople, that made their bookshelfies available for this Project. YOU ARE AMAZING, GUYS! ❤

6 Kommentare zu „Bookshelves around the World

  1. Oh, das ist aber eine nette Idee. ❤
    Ich mag Jills Regal, das sieht auf eine liebevolle Art chaotisch und bewohnt aus, außerdem hat sie Doctor Who-Zeug im Regal und FB-Funkos und überhaupt. Und Mias ist so bunt. Dymar hat Bücher, die ich kenne oder die ich lesen will und Julia hat einen echten Balkon. 😍 Ach, sie gefallen mir alle. 😀
    Ich hoffe, du zeigst uns bald noch mehr. 😀
    LG, m

  2. Hi Bianca,
    das ist so eine wunderbare Idee ♥ Bücherregale sind einfach so vielfältig und jedes ist in seiner ganz eigenen Art klasse und wunderschön.
    LIebe Grüße,
    Katja 🙂

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